Biofeedback Association of North America
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BANA is a private membership, tax exempt, nonprofit education association for properly certified biofeedback, bioenergetics, bioresonance, neurotherapy, quantum biofeedback, quantum feedback and stress management professionals.

Proper certification is issued only by an accredited certification board.

Check this list to see if your board is accredited

Check to see if your board is considered to be a paper mill

What to do if your certification board is not accredited

Membership Options

BANA offers these membership opportunities to best serve you and your needs:

1. Professional Membership for established professionals

2. Associate Membership for members wanting to build their business


Professional Membership

Professional Membership includes your own private association to:

1. Legally reduce your tax liability

2. Legally eliminate the need for malpractice insurance

3. Legally avoid government and license board harassment

4. Legally empower your member clients to make their own decisions
regarding their health, nutrition, therapies and wellness for themselves
and their family, dependents and pets

5. You also receive the benefits of Associate Membership

If you want to empower and protect your clients and yourself, then


Professional Membership is Absolutely Your Best Option

Benefits of Professional Membership


Associate Membership

Associate membership is all about improving your business, building your credibility and increasing your income.

The benefits of Associate Membership include:

1. Premium quality professional unlimited hosting of your website and blog

2. Certification of your website as legitimate, authentic and truthful

3. Help creating a "Fans" website to legally say the things you cannot

4. Wholesale assistance creating, building and managing your own website

5. Monthly newsletter with up-to-date news and helpful tips

6. Free courses, workshops and webinars to earn CEU for recertification

7. Wholesale pricing for professional insurance

If you are willing to use these tools and our help to build a wonderful career, then


Associate Membership is a Viable Option For You

Benefits of Associate Membership

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